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Cambria outfit set

RM 140.00
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π“‚‹ Cotton florals polo shirt
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π“‚‹ one size

π“‚‹ measurement in cm
Bust 68
Sleeve length 15
Shoulder width 33
Shirt length 42

π“‚‹ material
Cotton 100%

π“‚‹ Oversized buttonless cardigan

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π“‚‹ free size

π“‚‹ measurement in cm
Bust 66*2
Sleeve length 46
Shoulder width 64
Shirt length 60

π“‚‹ material
Knitted fabric

π“‚‹Thea wide pants

Exclude postage

π“‚‹ size available S to L
measurement in the last slide

π“‚‹ material
Cotton blended fabric

Our garment photos are 100% authentic in-studio photos, please beware of photo stealers and do not fall victim to low-price products with the same photos. Our garments' price is worth the effort poured into our creations.

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